Magical Night Routine Across All Skin Tones

Nurturing Your Skincare Routine

Many people go with intensive skincare routines just before they go to sleep. But is this really beneficial? The answer to that question is Yes! This is because night is one of the most important times in your day. Not only does it allow you to relax, but it is also when your body recovers and refreshes itself after a long day. This is why many people like to start their mornings with a good night’s sleep.
The restful night has an array of benefits for everyone, but what is particularly important for individual Skin tones? There is no such thing as a perfect skin tone. However, if you understand your skin and what type of skin tone you have, you will be able to create a regimen that can help you and maintain healthy and vibrant skin. This blog discusses how you can create an effective night routine for your skincare and also discusses some great products that can be used to take care of your skin.


Why Night time?

Imagine you are returning home after a busy and tiring day outside! There is nothing more you want to do than to unwind and relax! The same applies to your skin as well. After being exposed to the sun and other environmental stressors, Our skin cells will generate in the evening which is the prime time to pamper your skin with skincare products for even better absorption than when compared to day time!
The greatest time to use some of the most potent skincare products is at night. Night creams are thicker in texture than day creams and contain a higher concentration of chemicals that promote cell turnover, hydration, and circulation. A night cream can assist promote repair by increasing cell turnover, in addition to soothing and hydrating the skin after a long day. While day creams defend against pollution, dryness, cold, heat, and UV radiation, night creams are more concerned with the skin’s rebuilding.

Building A Nighttime Routine

Now let us build up an outstanding skincare routine that everyone can use right before bedtime for maximum results to get beautiful and glowing skin! Always follow the four step routine below for an effective skincare:

1. Cleansing
2. Toning
3. Treatment
4. Moisturizing


Before you start with any routine, you should always ensure that the surface of your skin is properly cleansed of any impurities. The idea of twofold cleansing should always appear in front of our eyes whenever we start to maintain a proper skincare routine. The selection of the cleansing agent that we choose should also be given top priority. We recommend choosing a cleanser which is simple and does it’s job of cleansing thoroughly. It is critical to cleanse your skin on some kind of regular basis in order to maintain it looking beautiful and natural.
Check out Refresh’s Foaming Cleanser for a deep cleansing face wash which is suitable for all skin types! This gentle cleanser contains Aloe Vera and Purslane which calms, soothes, and moisturizes your skin ready for your Routine.


Toning is a very important but often overlooked part of the skincare regime. The reason why it is always better to tone before treating with other skincare products. Toners work by balancing the pH level of the skin, making it less prone to oiliness and infection, as well as presenting it a more dynamic and smooth appearance. Toning helps to soothe and balance the skin and begin to prepare your skin for the following stage. While selecting a toner always look out for words like Alcohol, SD or denatured alcohol, menthol or any skin aggravating agents as this might lead to irritation or feeling of discomfort on your skin.
Checkout Refresh’s 100% Alcohol-Free toner enriched with Aloe vera and Witch Hazel extract that helps soothe and moisturize sensitive or dry skin.


Introducing the Hero of anti ageing and Skin Proliferation – Granactive retinoid. It helps in restoring skin plumpness, elasticity, and hydration, giving it a natural glow. Additionally, the revolutionary retinoid encourages skin cell proliferation, which works to thicken skin that has thinned over time. Once you choose your retinoid, Allow for some time for your skin to respond, especially if you’re targeting hyperpigmentation and anti-aging. Our skin cell turnover averages 14 to 28 days, though this might vary depending on your skin type or product. The upper layer of your skin sheds at this time, revealing new skin from the middle layer – this is when you should be able to detect if the product works.
Checkout Refresh’s 2% Granactive Retinoid which works to tighten skin and improve skin elasticity by increasing cell turnover, reducing aging signs like fine lines and wrinkles.


The skin on your face, ears, neck, and chest is extremely sensitive to environmental changes, and it is the most common site for skin cancer. These sections of skin also shed cells at a faster rate than other parts of the body, needing moisture to repair itself, allowing fresh skin cells to form. This is why, after using the retinoid serum, applying a moisturiser is good and aids in skin proliferation. Additionally, the massaging impact of lotion application aids in the stimulation of blood circulation and the production of new cells. Additionally, applying moisturiser to your face on a daily basis keeps your skin nourished and prevents those pesky fine lines.
Check our Refresh’s Face Moisturiser for all skin types which contains cucumber extract that is nutriative to the skin and provides all day around hydration to your skin.

The Core Finale

We believe that skin care is very personal. At the end of the day, there’s no absolute right or wrong, as long as you enjoy the process and your skin benefits from it. That is why we have compiled a list of products which are suitable for most skin types. Choose what you want and enjoy your skin shining like moonlight on a cloudless night!